Back to School at 50+!

What was I thinking, going back to school at 50 years of age? Well, an injury at work sidelined my work in the food service industry. While I have found many jobs that I am well qualified to accept, I am not able to meet most companies’ basic lifting requirements of 25 pounds, Granted, I may be able to pick the item up, however, don’t expect me to get it from point A to B without dropping it. It’s been quite frustrating these past couple years, having to ask others for help, not something I like to do. Also, I am extremely impatient and having to wait until someone else “has the time” to help makes me nuts!

So now what? Well one night, while wasting time on Facebook, LOL, I saw a sidebar for Argosy University and gave them a call. I figured since I can no longer do what I’ve been doing for half my life I needed to do something that would utilize another skill that I have realized I have. I have discovered over the past several years that I am very empathetic…I pick up on other’s emotions and stress signals; although, it is often to the detriment of my own emotional bubble, I have had the honor of “counselling” many of our local returning Marines, giving them someone they were able to talk to without fear of judgment or reprisal. Many of these brave warriors have since sought “expert” advice and counselling. I also realized, during my tenure as a manager in the food service industry, that the relationships between management and employees are often tenuous at best. So my degree focus is psychology with a focus in Organizational Human Resources; however, I want to continue to help our “Wounded Warriors” as well. To that end, my goal is to become a Family Readiness Officer and mediator. I will also pursue my MBA after my bachelors, giving me a more rounded educational background that will hopefully carry me well into retirement.

I have set a rather high standard for myself, in regards to school, often being quite disappointed in anything less than 100%. While many who love me have said not to be so hard on myself, I feel the need to keep the bar high, especially since I am so painfully aware of my failures as student when I was young. I was not nor am I educationally challenged, as IQ tests have revealed, I have, however, come to understand that Attention Deficit Disorder makes learning a challenge. That however is a subject for another discussion. So as far as school goes, I am doing well, with a current GPA of 3.9; while it’s not the 4.0 that am aspiring to attain, it’s not terrible and I am impressed with the level of understanding that I have for many of the subjects and concepts of the classes that I have completed.

I will be sharing many of my papers here, sharing the knowledge that I have gained within the subjects of psychology and other sciences, from which I have learned a great deal. While I hope you enjoy reading my work, I also hope that you may also learn something new that may provoke some thought or discussion as well. I am inviting you to come along for the ride…feel free to hop off, should you ever tire of my journey.

Brightest Blessings, Ms. Kriss


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